Inspiring the Art of Hacking in the city of Pittsburgh @firstbytes

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For many people computers have a mystical aura about them, giving many the misconception that only "nerds" or "straight A" grads can create things with them. The First Bytes Society is working to prove this myth wrong by providing a learning place for students to learn the "art of hacking" in a fun, engaging, and non-intimidating environment.

The First Bytes Society takes a different approach to computer science education. FBS focuses on engaging the students, teaching them how to communicate with computers, and most importantly giving them the toolset and the inspiration they need to continue their education on their own. The program will focus on producing tangible results - real programs that can easily be shared with their peers in and outside of the classroom.

First Bytes Society is accepting applications now. Applicants must be between 7th and 9th grade and attend school in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.