The First Bytes Society

Palatable Programming Education for Everyone.

The What

First Bytes Society is an organization to make programming education accessible to everyone. First Bytes focuses on organizing programs and building projects that teach the basic ideas of programming in a palatable way. These programs are specifically intended to reach a younger and diverse audience.

The Why

We hate the term "talent shortage". First Bytes Society aims to prove that what some would call "talent shortage" is really an "opportunity shortage". We seem to think that if you make palatable, unintimidating, and fun education programs and open them up to a larger audience, at an earlier age, we all stand to benefit. Learning how to program isn't just for the "nerds", the A+ students or even for the future computer scientists. It's for everyone.

The How

We are currently building our network of partners to launch a brick-and-mortar pilot program in the city of Pittsburgh. We are simultaneously working on our open-source, web-based, programming education environment. This tool will be used in our brick and mortar classrooms for our curriculum, but the goal is to also make it accessible to the world via this wonderful tool we know as the world wide web.

We have a few thoughts when it comes to how early programming education should work and these thoughts will guide how we build our tools and curriculum. First Bytes' philosphy when it comes to education is to encourage exploration over explanation.

Feeling our Vibe?

You should contact First Bytes to see how you and or your organization can get involved in our mission. If you're interested in donating to First Bytes, you can set up a recurring donation on

If you or your child are interested in joining the program, please fill out our online application.

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